Events and Seminar
List of Events Organized

  • Strategic Business Planning: In Deregulated Hydrocarbon Scenario
  • Exploration & Production in India: Through Production Sharing Contacts
  • 1st Downstream Petroleum Retail Marketing Conference
  • Corporate Communications: Evolving Strategies for a Deregulated Oil & Gas Market
  • Leveraging IT Applications to Develop a Competitive Oil and Energy Sector
  • Strategic Business Game for Petro-Retailing
  • Understanding the Indian Oil and Gas Industry
  • Insurance & Risk Management for Oil & Gas Industry
  • HRM Initiatives for Operational Flexibility: In a Deregulated Hydrocarbon Scenario
  • Understanding Natural Gas Business
  • International Oil Trading & Price Risk Management
  • Exclusive Orientation Program for the Insurance Industry
  • Auto Fuel Quality Workshop
  • Building Hydrocarbon Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas: Emerging Markets & Opportunities                       
  • Management of Assets in Upstream Hydrocarbon Sector
  • IT Applications in Oil & Gas Industry                                                            
  • 2nd DPRM 2003: New Generation Petro-Retail Outlets                                    
  • Aviation Fuels
  • Refining Olympiad  
  • Lubricant Selling                                                                                                     
  • Shipping of Crude Oil & Port Facilities
  • Bitumen Business: Structure, Economics & Markets
  • Leading with Communication: Surviving in the Emerging Competitive World
  • 3rd DPRM 2004: Viability                                         
  • Indian Oil & Gas Industry: Destination Gujarat
  • The Natural Gas & LNG Primer: Role of LNG in Indian Energy
  • Understanding Technology & Business of Biodiesel
  • CDM Opportunities in Renewable Energy Sector in Rajasthan
  • Project Finance Management for Energy Sector
  • First Power HR Round Table - HR - A Key Driver to the Growth & Sustainability of Power Sector

Budget Meets

  • Senior Management Briefing Meet on Implications of the Union Budget 2002
  • Impact of the Union Budget 2003 on the Oil & Gas Sector
  • 3rd Senior Management Briefing Meet on Implications of the Union Budget 2004
  • 4th Senior Management Briefing Meet on Implications of the Union Budget 2005

Energy Scenario Lecture Series

  • 1st Energy Scenario Lecture Series 2006: Integrated Energy Policy
  • 2nd Energy Scenario Lecture Series 2007: Enhancing the Energy Sector through IT
  • 3rd Energy Scenario Lecture Series 2007: Nuclear Energy - Key to India’s Energy Security
  • 4th Energy Scenario Lecture Series: The Business Case for Low Carbon Power – An International Perspective
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